Theatre in Brazil - dramaturgy, staging and history

This course aims to present an overview about Theatre in Brazil for international audiences. In the course you will learn about the different phases, about the ensembles that existed and still exist, created methods, dramaturgy, staging forms and also the always close relationship between theater and politics. Through 7 online and live classes you will get to learn about Theatre in Brazil from the perspective of dramaturgy, history and staging with many examples and a decentralized approach.

I hope you enjoy this journey through Theatre in Brazil!

About the teacher

Leonel Henckes  is an actor, producer and researcher in performing arts. Graduated in Theatrical Interpretation at the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil, holds a master’s degree (2011) and a doctorate (2015) in Performing Arts at the Federal University of Bahia, with a doctoral internship at the Institut für Theaterwissenschaft of Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. He realized several independent theater projects and in collaboration with other artists in Brazil and Germany. Published in 2021 the book “O Ator da Organicidade na Cena Contemporânea” and in 2015 the book “Corpo fora do lugar: movimento, fluxo e desordem entre treinamento e construção cênica”.

He was a temporary professor at the Bachelor of Performing Arts course in Acting at UFBA (2009 – 2011). He worked as a casting coach, assistant director and body coach in several plays in Bahia. In 2012, he completed an internship as Assistant Artistic Director of an opera at Theater Freiburg/Freiburg im Breisgau Germany. 

From 2012, he starts a career in production and cultural management at Dramatugias da Melanina Acentuada Festival. He is on of the creators of the project Melanina Digital – a dramaturgical platform.  


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  • General Instructions
  1. Prologue: does it begin with the arrival of the Portuguese or was there already theatre here? | 19th February – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  2. Cabaret and revue theater at early 20th century | 19th March – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  3. Modern Actor-Led Companies | 23th April – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  4. Theater during the Military Dictatorship in Brazil | 21th May – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  5. Companies led by directors | 25th Jun – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  6. Contemporary Theatre – from 1990 until today | 23th Jul – 3:00 PM (MEZ)
  7. Revising History including Black Theatre | 27th Aug – 3:00 PM (MEZ)

Interactive session on the topics studied. It will take place on a date to be scheduled in August 2022.

Pre-recorded lesson about the director Augusto Boal. Available from July 20, 2022.

Pre-recorded class with playwright Aldri Anunciação. Jabuti Literature Prize (highest award in Brazilian literature) and main name in contemporary black dramaturgy in Brazil.

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